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Warsaw Report


" Tonight or Never / Dziś wieczorem, albo nigdy" in Warsaw Poland

We've performed this piece three times in Japan. This is the most important piece for us. But it wasn't that we accomplished this piece perfectly, so now we will bring it to Warsaw. Even we performed three times already, we couldn't dance our duet. But now, we can say, that is why we bet on Warsaw.

Our theater is called Scena Lubelska. It's located on Praga area across the river Wisla from city of Warsaw. Scena Lubelska is a small theater. It will be full house with 80 people. But there are great artists who we deeply respect, we were glad that we could work together. And rich experience values of this theater itself we felt by skin mad up our mind. Lubelska was the best Independent Theater for unknown artists like us to debut in Europe. To make a miracle with limited time, there were no other choice, this is it.

When I was awaiting for the curtain raises at the back stage, many images from my life came and went. Images pushed my back. They made me more sure about where I am and I carried them on my back. Now, only two of us, took a breath together, made a step into the light.

this is a dance of a lunatic man and a dead a dream of lunatic love rooting to the sadness the dead dance like loving him the living dance like breathing into her a wandering soul a standing soul a statue of St, Cecilia's martyrdom one thing, I believe you are here the end of the end a dead stands up wish that everyone will think about their lover only 6 minutes dream of love makes a dead dancing the eternal 6 minutes the greatest happiness, I will never forget

Words I wrote during we work on this piece with senior fellow and friend, Seiji Tanaka.

We talked until the morning of the day we performed.

The last music was Chopin's Nocturne No,11. Very important number, but we could never dance with. That night, to life which each of us have been through crossed at one point in this piece. We became a poetry. The joy comes from feeling each other with all our souls and bodies. The joy overflowed to the space. Thank you, thank you. We danced together. Duet of love.

Our audience in Poland, they had never seen our performance before. Beautiful people. When something is born, there is always someone watches. They kept watching us patiently. They helped us a lot.

We deeply thank you everyone who spent their time and energy generously to make this performance happened.

Thank you.



" Tonight or Never/ Dziś wieczorem, albo nigdy”

2016, March 4,5 19:00~ Scena Lubelska 30/32

Dance MUTSUMI・NEIRO Music 石原 耒 Light Darek Kunowski Staff Anna Ishihara,Krynka Cortez,,Leszek Paliński(photo) Poster Design Tomoko Yamada Photo Ikuro Suzuki Special Thanks 田中 誠司 Organizer IZAYOI DANCE TROUPE Patron Scena Lubelska 30/32,teatr REMUS, BUTOHSFERA,Pompka Foundation

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