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Duet むつみねいろ





3才からクラシックバレエを始める。 中学校より新体操を始める。大学在学中の身心の故障から一切の踊りを停止する。 10年後、大野一雄氏大野慶人氏の舞踏に出会い、その強烈な感動によって再び踊り始める。 2009年上京し大野一雄舞踏研究所にて大野慶人氏に師事。 同研究所での出会いより、夫ねいろとのデュエットを踊っている。

上杉満代氏主催の火曜会に参加。2016年 国立新美術館で開催された「MIYAKE ISSEY 展」に伴って出版された​、写真家高木由利子による写真集「三宅一生」でモデルを務める。




JIDAI氏にアートマイムを師事 大野慶人氏に舞踏を師事  2010年 ポーランド・ワルシャワへ渡り、Stefan Niedziałkowski 氏主宰のTeatr Szutki Mimuに所属  2012年 帰国後、大野一雄舞踏研究所での出会いより、山本むつみと「Duet むつみねいろ」を始動  代表作「今宵かぎりは・・・」を日本、ポーランド、イスラエル、ドイツで上演  2016年 東京東墨田に「ギャルリ雨」を設立  2019年11月 東京両国 シアターカイにてソロ作品「墨東綺譚"ス  誕誕/TANTAN」を上演  




Tokyo based Duet by Neiro and Mutsumi Yamamoto. Since the first meeting at Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio in 2012, they dance duet longing for an idiotic blessing moment. Their representative work, "Tonight or Never・・・" was made with a wish to dance an eternal marriage blooming the flower of Mark Chagall. They made a tour with this piece around Japan, Poland, Israel, and Germany in 2016. Always looking for a chance to take a new turn for opening up the dynamic and miraculous fruits of their life in this universe as dance.  In 2016, they opened “Galerie ame” in Tokyo east downtown area, managing the space for workshops, performances and residency space for any kinds of artists.





Started Classic Ballet at her age of 3. In junior high school, she started rhythmic gymnastics. Because of injury during her study in Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education, she stopped to dance. 10 years after, accidentally encountered with Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno’s dance through a documental film. She was moved deeply and there was no choice except to start again her dance. In 2009, she moved in to Tokyo for studying under Yoshito Ohno at Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio where she met her partner Neiro. She had taken a part in Mitsuyo Uesugi’s workshop "Kayoukai". In 2016, she was chosen as a model for Yuriko Takagi’s photo album “ISSEY MIYAKE” which was published from TACHEN for MIYAKE ISSEY Exhibition at The National Art Center Tokyo.





Studied Art Mime under JIDAI, studied Butoh under Yoshito Ohno. In 2010, he went to Warsaw Poland for taking a part in Mime Art Theater directed by Stefan Niedziałkowski. In June 2012, he returned to Japan. Since then, from the first meeting with Mutsumi at Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, he works with her as a DUET MUTSUMINEIRO. Their representative work “Tonight or never…” had toured in Japan, Poland, Germany, and Israel. In 2016, they eopened Galerie ame in Tokyo East side downtown. In 2020, he performed his first solo piece “Bokutoh KI – Dance TANTAN” at Theater X Tokyo. In 2022, he performed a duet piece“YONKIN” at Theater X Tokyo with Seiji Tanaka .

Noora Lehtvuori

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